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Why Choose ACE?

ACE Charter School offers an academically challenging, college preparatory curriculum guided by our Four Pillars of Learning:

Character  *  Home-Linked  *  Classical  *  Personalized


ACE offers several different programs that allow families to choose what is right for them.

The school staff works together with families and students, to create an educationally stimulating environment - one that is scholastically rigorous, comprehensive, and intensive.

ACE curriculum is a language arts and humanities intensive program structured on a four-year rotational schedule. 

ACE utilizes books on classical education such as The Well Trained Mind, The Latin-Centered Curriculum, The Core, and Norms and Nobility as guides for a sequential, interdisciplinary, structured curriculum designed to give all K-12 students the advantage of a solid foundation in a liberal arts, college-preparatory education.


The demanding, classically-thorough curriculum includes core academics and is shaped by these priorities:

● Clear expression in writing and speaking

● Extensive vocabulary provided through Latin studies

● Broad historical and cultural perspective

● Strong foundation of mathematics and science


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