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New Student Enrollment Procedure

New families can choose to enroll in any of our three programsACE Preparatory Academy, the ACE Honors Program, or ACE Foundations.

For ACE Preparatory Academy and ACE Honors Program, all prospective families must complete the following:

1. Schedule tour and intake overview of ACE curriculum and school philosophy. Email Principal Sahnow to schedule a tour (


2. Sign up on the Wait List form.  All new families must complete the Wait List form even when spaces are available. Applicants will receive an enrollment link when space is available. 


3. Attend placement testing. Grades K-2 are tested individually and will be scheduled with teacher. For students entering mid-year, parents will be contacted to schedule placement testing.


4. Attend AIMS/parent-teacher meeting with Academic Dean. 

Space Available

To maximize student success, ACE has a limit on the number of students for each class.  Space will be allotted based on the following criteria.

  • Returning Students: Space will be allocated for returning students based on their promotion to the next grade and applicable level.  Slots will not be held in two levels.

  • Siblings: If space in a class remains after currently enrolled students’ slots are determined, siblings of those students receive remaining classroom space. Should a sibling enroll, withdraw, and then later wish to re-enroll, they will be added to the wait list if no space is currently available.


If more students for whom registration forms have been submitted than classroom space is available, the ACE administration will conduct a lottery. Students’ names will be placed in a hat, and the administrative staff will fill remaining spaces with the first student’s name pulled from the hat, and so on. When a student name is selected, the family is called, and given 24 hours to accept the opening.  If they decline or fail to respond, ACE moves to the next name on the list.

​​Wait List

Remaining names from the lottery will be maintained on a wait list should space become available. Additional registration forms are accepted throughout the year and names added to the waiting list. Should space become available in a particular classroom, the wait list will be consulted.  

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