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Uniforms and Dress Code

ACE has adopted uniforms to encourage a tasteful and modest learning environment. ACE provides, at no cost to the family, two complete school uniforms each year. On Tuesday and Thursday between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM, students on campus must be in uniform.

On Tuesdays, students wear the “professional” uniform. On Thursdays, students wear ACE-provided polos to coordinate with their team colors. Students are to wear nice black bottoms (non-ripped pants or skirt; no shorts) on any given school day. Any belt, hosiery or shoe color/style is acceptable.


Seniors have the option of wearing business attire instead of the regular uniform. Business attire consists of the following:

  • Button-up shirts

  • Khakis / capris

  • Polos

  • Sweaters

  • (Men) Tucked in shirt with belt

  • (Women) Skirts/dresses knee length or below

  • Well-kept shoes


Not Business attire:

  • Shorts

  • Jeans

  • T-Shirts

  • Hoodies

  • Leggings

Pre-Reader & Grammar students will wear grey polo (Tuesdays) or colored House polo (Thursdays); black pleated skirt/jumper or pants; red sweater (only required during Character Assembly on Tuesdays)


Dialectic – Rhetoric will wear white oxford shirt and tie (Tuesdays) or colored House polo (Thursdays); black skirt or pants.


Dialectic 1 & 2 will wear red sweaters (only required during Character Assembly on Tuesdays).


Dialectic 3 and Rhetoric will wear red blazers (only required during Character Assembly on Tuesdays).


Other Dress Code guidelines:

  • Girls may wear leggings under skirts (leggings may not be worn alone as “pants”).

  • No hats/head coverings unless worn for religious or medical reasons.

  • Should a student arrive minus uniform, staff will provide uniform pieces for students to dress themselves in.

  • Unless otherwise notified, all extra events/days are “No Uniform Required” days, except for the Year-End program & 4th Week Homework Club. Modest casual attire is permitted.

For more information about uniforms, please see the ACE Student & Family Handbook.

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