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The Academy for Character Education (ACE) is a tuition-free public charter school located in Cottage Grove, Oregon. ACE is committed to helping parents provide their children with the best education possible by applying the four pillars for learning: focusing on building strong character, working as a team with parents, ensuring that your child is appropriately placed, and utilizing the time-tested classical method. Students may attend ACE even if the school is not in their district.

ACE is a charter school within the South Lane School District, and all ACE students are members of the student body of SLSD, regardless of the districts where they reside. SLSD allocates some operating funds to ACE, including enrichment support through Student Investment Account programs, a component of the 2019 Oregon Student Success Act

Principal Sahnow's Welcome

Welcome to the Academy for Character Education (ACE) charter school. The ACE Preparatory and Honors Academy is a unique hybrid of brick and mortar days (Tuesday and Thursday) and school-at-home days (Monday, Wednesday, Friday). 

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ACE Principal Mrs. Starr Sahnow

Alternatively, our Foundations families are off-site. ACE staff and these parents develop learning plans that encompass the academics best suited to each child. ACE provides these families with many resources to make their school-at-home successful and enriching.

Something that hasn’t changed during this challenging time is the high regard we hold for the relationship we develop with our parent-partners. We depend on open communication between school and home to strengthen our school’s ties with our families.

ACE students are encouraged to grow in character through their academics. Our emphasis on classical education is evidenced in our back to basics foundations in math and language arts, our

study of history through the ages and a Latin curriculum that is available from first grade through Advanced Placement. Interested families can schedule a visit to our school and also meet with ACE staff to determine if ACE Preparatory, Honors, or Foundations would be a good match for their student. We look forward to meeting you and assisting you on your journey to bring classical, character-driven education to your home.

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