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Supplemental Instruction Funds

ACE provides Supplemental Instructional Funds (SIF) to full-time students to support instruction and supplies related to instructional enrichment and extracurricular activities that are not part of the general ACE curriculum. 

From October through May, full-time students receive monthly SIF funds if at the end of each three-week cycle, their previous cycle’s work was completed. For more details, please see the ACE Student & Family Handbook.

To use funds: 

Available funds:

Kindergarten:  $40.00/month

Grades 1-8:  $55.00/month

Grades 9-12:  $75.00/month

Some examples of how SIF funds may be used:

  • Latin streaming subscription

  • Saxon math video subscription

  • Math manipulatives

  • Music instruction

  • Dance classes

  • Athletics classes

  • Educational events tied to ACE curriculum

  • Art museum, concert, ballet, OMSI, Oregon Coast Aquarium, etc.

  • ACE field trips

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