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ACE Academic Programs

The Academy for Character Education offers four programs. Each program is grounded in the ACE philosophy of classical education, character development, home-linked learning, and a personalized approach. 

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ACE Foundations Academy

ACE Foundations is a home-based, parent-driven program that is comprised of families that believe the home is the best place to build the foundation of their child’s future. Our parents are deeply dedicated to giving their children an excellent and well-rounded education. At ACE Foundations we know that every child learns differently, and we come alongside parents to create an individualized learning plan for each child that’s based on their specific goals and skills. These learning plans are built on the foundation of the Oregon state standards.


Home-Linked: Home-based and parent-driven education supported through regular contacts with teachers and tutors and monthly meetings with each family.

Personalized: Individualized Learning Plans based on curriculum that best suits each child’s and family’s needs and built on the foundation of the Oregon state standards.

Character Focused: Home-based character building through a strong education and work ethic and an optional weekly character curriculum.

Support and Mentoring

In order to make all these aspects come together in a feasible way, we offer support and mentoring to both parents and students. If you’re having trouble knowing where your child’s at academically, we can help you find the proper placement for each subject area. And this ensures that your child is challenged appropriately but not overwhelmed. 


Curriculum Options

We have experience with many different types of curriculum and we’d love to help you find the best fit for your child.


We also understand that knowing how to grade appropriately can be challenging so we offer help with learning how to properly evaluate assignments and lessons. And most importantly, we want to provide support to parents by giving encouragement and practical advice on how to make this educational journey work for you.

Supplemental Funds

ACE Foundations program also offers a very generous amount of supplemental funds for tutoring, mentorships, and curriculum. If your child has a specific passion or area of particular need, we provide the means for that child to be able to pursue those goals.​


ACE K-12 Preparatory Academy 

ACE Preparatory Academy provides families with a fully developed classical curriculum across all subject matters, including books, lesson plans, and supplementary materials. We partner with you in delivering a combination of both in-class and at-home instruction. Our students meet on campus weekly for classroom-style learning with our engaging teaching staff, but that also gives them an opportunity to work closely with their peers on collaborative learning activities. 


Home-Linked, On-Campus Instruction

Students attend school on the ACE campus on Tuesdays and Thursdays each week. School Community Days provide students high-quality instruction, an opportunity to build relationships, and the benefits of learning in community. Families complete Home-Linked Assignments (HLAs) during the rest of the school week. Teachers stay in communication with families during the school week, giving important information and helping students stay on track. ​

Small Classes

We have an average class size of just twelve and a school-wide student-to-teacher ratio averaging 10:1, and that means that our students do receive the individual attention and differentiated instruction that promotes the ability for them to perform at their best. We also believe in getting our students outside of the classroom, and provide opportunities to engage with lesson content through field trips that are directly related to their curriculum.


The Trivium

The Trivium is the basis of ACE's classical model; it represents stages of development, our academic divisions, and the process of learning.

Grammar (Grades 1-4): Building Blocks of Education

Grammar is our elementary school. Grammar provides the basic building blocks in subject matters and focuses on things like memorization of math facts, English language grammar, scientific foundations, and instilling a sense of wonder in the cultures of human history. This is also where they begin their Latin studies. Latin is a course that goes throughout ACE, but our Grammar students do it at a song-school curriculum that makes it fun and easy to learn. 


Dialectic (Grades 5-8): From Concrete to Abstract Thinking

Dialectic--our middle school students build on this foundation by moving from concrete to more abstract thinking as they grow in mathematical skill, learn to write paragraphs essays designed to inform and persuade, go deeper into scientific inquiry, and learn to relate history to their place in the world.


Rhetoric (Grades 9-12): Building Skills for Lifelong Success

Rhetoric is our high school program. Our Rhetoric students are challenged both personally and academically through a personalized course of study based on their future education and career goals. Our Rhetoric instructors are specialists in their fields and are outstanding at creating learning environments where students thrive. The courses that comprise our standard 24-credit diploma have been carefully selected to prepare students to meet college entrance requirements throughout the United States by showcasing a well-rounded and comprehensive education. Our ACE graduates step into either college or career with the skills and confidence needed to face any challenge.

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ACE Prep@Home
ACE Prep @ Home offers families the ACE Preparatory curriculum to be used completely at home.  Books, lesson plans, and supplementary materials are provided to ensure a seamless learning environment.  Individualizing for students is a hallmark of ACE and can be implemented into the Prep @ Home program.

Supplemental Funds

ACE Prep@Home program also offers a very generous amount of supplemental funds for tutoring, mentorships, and enriching experiences. If your child has a specific passion or area of particular need, we provide the means for that child to be able to pursue those goals.​

ACE Honors Academy: Preparing Compassionate Leaders for a Competitive World

ACE Honors builds on the strong foundation of the preparatory program, requiring students to complete an additional four and a half credits to graduate. These credits come in the form of mandatory electives that are thoughtfully created to round out a complete classical education: economics, government, a half-year of career exploration, a fourth year of history, as well as one other elective of the student’s choice.


College Readiness

The ACE Honors program is here to support students and their families who are seeking rigorous, accelerated, and enriching opportunities to stretch themselves while providing a signal to admissions representatives and other gatekeepers that this is a student who is ready to fulfill their potential. Over the course of a four-year high school experience, ACE currently provides students a menu of sixteen AP course offerings, the crown jewel of which is our AP Latin program guided by a top-level Classics instructor who is also an AP test reader and question writer. Not only do we assume the costs for all AP and college admission tests, our annual fully AP Retreat allows students an entire weekend to spend at a beautiful local camp with their teachers, taking practice AP exams under actual testing conditions, receiving individualized feedback for improvement, and developing relationships with their cohort that can last for a lifetime.


ACE Honors graduates are prepared for entrance to highly selective colleges and universities and are well-positioned for receipt of major entrance scholarships and opportunities for international study. In short, students in the ACE Honors program have all the tools they need to fully develop their capabilities as they work to become persuasive, compassionate leaders with internationally competitive skills that are attractive to top-tier institutions. It opens up an array of choices to pursue after graduation.


Additional Classes

Students complete 28.5 credits for graduation, including economics, government, and career exploration electives

  • Stellar AP Offerings

  • 16 AP course offerings

  • AP Retreat

  • Accomplished and caring faculty


Funded Extras

  • Early-college classes

  • All AP tests

  • SAT & ACT

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