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We have answer keys for math, grammar, and Latin programs (plus a few other minor things, so please ask us!). These subjects are the easy and useful ones for parents to grade. This “at home” grading provides instant feedback to students when they don’t know the answers while doing the assignment.  We’ve found that it is not very helpful to allow students to turn in incorrect work, have it graded by the teacher and returned a week later to re-correct when they now have new HLAs to work on.  No one (especially the student) cares at that point, and the learning “ah ha” moment is lost.  

When a student has a writing assignment (like a paragraph or an essay), they generally do need input from their parents (especially the Grammar levels)- help formulating good topic sentences, using a variety of words, editing, and evaluating.  We encourage that because most students don’t naturally know how to edit and revise.  Parents can model writing skills for their students with the guarantee that this will sink in (eventually).

In most instances, parents should scan/skim the work to make sure it is completed (no blanks allowed) so a trip to Homework Club is avoided.

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