Finding Balance at ACE


Notice when you begin to feel overwhelmed.


Many times students catch themselves panicking late in their work.  

It is helpful to realize early signs of questions, concerns, or a need for direction.





Call for help.


  • Call a parent

  • Call an instructor

  • Call a peer in class

  • Call your math teacher

  • Call your Academic Dean

Making a phone appointment with your teacher or Academic Dean is a helpful way for students to feel in control and that they are not interrupting their teacher.




Math should be graded as soon as your student has completed their first attempt or at the very least, the same day.  Then, students should make their second attempt before moving on.

  • Answer keys for all math levels are available in the office.

  • Students should never have access to the key.  Store them in a safe spot.

Grading Naturally helps students harness specific tendencies such as:​

  • transferring information out of the book incorrectly.

  • making mistakes on simple math equations.

  • being messy.

  • reading problems incorrectly or incompletely.

Frequent grading also helps stop the emotional build-up of trying to fix all the problems in multiple lessons at once. 


Work the Schedule.


ACE provides a recommended schedule which is intended to:

  1. Prevent homework build-up.

  2. Prevent working a lot on the weekends.

  3. Support completing 25% of the HLAs each day.

Students should make sure they are providing the appropriate amount of time each day for focused school work.

Team UP!

There are 2 aspects to ACE's hybrid educational model:​

  1. Management!

  2. Home Linked Assignments

The priority for students is to complete the Home-Linked Assignments.  Parents can relieve the workload by handling most of the management, in varying degrees.  Make piles of what is to be worked on, check daily goals, and ask the AD for more tips. 




  • Purchase extra technology assistance ACE has available (Saxon CDs, Latin CDs, websites, etc.) with your Student Instructional Fund.

  • Schedule an “HLA tutor” with your Student Instructional Fund.

  • Request a collaborative meeting with your Academic Dean to reassess your class schedule.

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