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Parental Involvement

As various studies have indicated, especially in the area of parent involvement in homework research (1), parental involvement is indeed key to their children's academic success. As such, ACE charter school emphasizes parent participation and cooperation in the education of their children.

"...[Parent involvement is] associated with gains in children's IQ scores and achievement and with improvements in parents' teaching behaviors." (2)

"...districts with intensive parent involvement showed the largest achievement gains." (3)

"Students whose parents attended school events and engaged in contacts with teachers had higher achievement than those whose parents were minimally involved or uninvolved." (4)

"...The children of actively supportive parents score highest [in testing], followed by the children of passively involved parents, and then the children of noninvolved parents." (5)

"...educational programs with significant parent involvement components...forms of parent involvement strongly associated with achievement gains included parents helping their children at home after training, tutoring students, and helping in classrooms. (6)

"Achievement and affective benefits (attendance, behavior, attitudes) are associated with: parents serving..., parents working as volunteers, home-school communications, phone contacts, home visits, parent-teacher conferences, homework assistance, home tutoring, and home educational environment." (7)

How will parents team up with ACE?

  • Mentoring for families new to the concept of home education.
  • Student’s parent/family collaborate with an ACE Academic Dean to set student’s Academic Instructional Marks (AIMS)
  • To reach AIMS, students attend 3 to 7 hours of weekly group classes, 1-2 hours per week of ACE provided inhome tutoring, & then w/ family assistance complete their assignments.
  • ACE sponsored family & teacher in-service classes covering wide range of topics.

ACE provides families with curriculum, guided placement, accountability, & opportunities for appropriate & supervised socialization.


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