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Students between the ages of 5 (by September 1) and 21 (who have not yet earned a diploma) may attend ACE even if the school is not in their resident district. Providing there is space available in the student’s grade and/or Trivium Level, the school is open to any student who applies, completes all admission documents (no edits are allowed) and registration requirements, pays the Textbook/Uniform Deposit, the Activity Fee, and any past due fees, and is formally accepted.

Students are accepted on a first-come, first served basis determined by ACE’s receipt of completed admission documents and payment of the Textbook/Uniform Deposit, Activity Fee, and any past due fees. When space is unavailable, families desiring their student be enrolled must complete the Pre-Registration Form notifying ACE of their intention to take the next available slot. Please see the current Student Handbook for up to date fees and procedures.

Admission is finalized when:

  • Student’s parent attends the ACE Parent Orientation, and student attends ACE Student Orientation;
  • Student’s parent submits the entire completed ACE Registration packet (provided on or before the
    ACE Parent Orientation) to the Head Mistress – no edits are allowed; ACE staff is available to assist
    in completion of these documents;
  • Required Textbook/Uniform Deposit and Activity Fee are paid and, for returning students, any past
    due balance is paid;
  • Required Summer HLAs are submitted; and
  • Family is notified by Head Mistress that student has been formally accepted by ACE Charter School.

Are you considering enrolling your child into ACE?
We encourage you to make pre-arrangements with the administration to come and observe on a school community day (SCD) to see if our program is a right fit for you and your family. Please call our office on a regular Tuesday from 9:00 am - 3:30 pm at 541-942-9707. See school calendar for SCD.


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