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Portrait of an ACE Graduate


  1. Employs the lifelong disciplines of self-learning & critical thinking.
  2. Obtains the tools for learning: memorization, penmanship, phonetic, decoding, reading, comprehension, computation, critical
    thinking, analysis, problem solving, research, synthesis, effective writing, public speaking, & sound moral judgment.
  3. Builds a sound personal worldview based on truth.
  4. Consistently displays a love for what is true, good, & beautiful.


  1. Intentionally develops & practices traits of grace, respect, humility, integrity, & courage in all relationships, seeking to encourage others & promote peace
  2. Whatever is undertaken throughout life is completed with excellence
  3. Approaches difficult tasks with diligence, persistence, & joy
  4. Demonstrates wisdom in every life situation
  5. Actively pursues a life-style of service to others


  1. Acquires an organized mind resulting in an orderly life style
  2. Employs logical reasoning to analyze information, identify fallacies, & form, & defend valid conclusions
  3. From first-hand observation and careful reading, matures to a state of scientific literacy with the ability to make informed judgments about scientific matters


  1. Demonstrates familiarity with and ability to discourse on the great books of Western Civilization.
  2. Speaks & writes graciously, persuasively, courageously, creatively, and eloquently with purpose.


  1. Possesses ability to read Latin classics in their original language.
  2. Obtains skills to tackle unfamiliar vocabulary


  1. Understands & communicates effectively an informed appreciation of Western Civilization’s great ideas & rich heritage.

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